Welcome to ECRUU, your media monitoring agency specialised in commodities. There is so much news published on a daily basis. Wouldn’t you love to be able to keep up to date with all of it – or at least all the stories related to your business? Alternately, wouldn’t you love to have someone find all the news, summarise and organise it in an intelligent way, that way you can make sure you don’t ever miss anything?

That’s exactly what we do.
At ECRUU, we understand that to be able to treat information you need to be a professional yourself.
How else would one know what is important and what isn’t? Our media monitoring is done by humans, humans who understand the subject well enough to give you what you need. So there, here’s a way for you to read all the news you need.

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Charlotte Kingsman

Charlotte worked for several years in the commodities sector with sugar and biofuels consultancy Kingsman SA. She joined Platts as the Agriculture Managing Editor in Singapore after Platts acquired Kingsman in 2012. She did market research and analysis for the sugar and biofuels sectors working closely alongside market participants from all along the supply chain. During that time, she realised how most market players struggle to juggle with the overflow of information – this led her to start ECRUU. In her spare time, she likes to go on long horse rides.

Oliver Kingsman

Oliver started from a political science background from which he learned to recognise underlying human factors behind all economic theories. A keen interest in technology and some training in computer science has pushed his understanding of the challenges we face in the age of big data, and he believes ECRUU is a service perfectly adapted to process and streamline vast amounts of information. After taking time off to cycle across Asia, he worked during the sugar cane harvest in Queensland before settling in New Caledonia.

Sama Amer

Sama has spent some time doing market analysis, with a focus on sugar, while working at Platts. Previously, she worked for several years in customer relations and billing with Kingsman SA. Her experience in these fields has shown her how important news content is to market players, which is why she decided to join the ECRUU team. She believes ECRUU offers a service that will help market participants save valuable time whilst keeping up to date with everything going on. Sama is passionate about art, which she practices directly and indirectly on a daily basis.

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